Saturday, November 22, 2008

There is a New Rule in Our Home

In every home there must be rules and regulations. Some rules are for safety purposes and must be strictly followed. No exception. Here are a few examples:

  • You are not allowed to hold a BBQ lighter anywhere near your brother's head. 
  • When mommy is unloading the dishwasher, you are not allowed to 'help' with the steak knives.
  • If you must wear a Huggies box as a hat, you are not allowed to go anywhere near the stairs.

Other rules help us to keep order in the home, and are followed with some flexibility. Like these:

  • All toys live in the toy room
  • Boys who are learning to use the potty must also learn how to use the Clorox wipes right beside the potty. (this is a good rule)

Then there are the rules that are mere suggestions...purely for mommy's sanity and for no other reason at all. These rules include:

  • The silverware lives in the silverware drawer and Thomas the Tank Engine does not
  • It's a good idea for only one boy at a time to sit in the Huggies box (this rule came to me as I type while all three boys are, in fact, trying to sit in one Hugggies box at the same time.)

But we have a new rule that comes under the heading of "Personal Growth and Self Discovery". This new rule applies to all members of the household and goes something like this:

  • Your binky, if you choose to use one, must be left in your crib / toddler bed / twin bed / king bed (whichever applies) and is only for use at night-night or nap time.

Four out of five members of this household are not having an issue with this new decree. (This rule is optional for those of us who are currently deployed as "bunk beds" are not officially mentioned in said rule). However, one of us is having serious difficulty with the regulation and had a major melt down yesterday when the rule went into effect. This rule is currently under appeal and could end up being heard by the Family Circuit Court (Daddy) and ultimately by the Grand kids Supreme Court (Grandpa). In either case, I am confident the letter and spirit of the law will be upheld. My biggest concern at this time, is that somehow the ACLU will get wind of this rule and come to the aid of a very distraught 16-month-old who believes his civil liberties have come under attack. Should this happen, causing a reversal of decision, we will consider bringing an amendment before the voters next fall.


  1. Oh My Goodness.........
    And the Oscar for fakest tantrum goes to..........

    Loved the video babe..... I Love you too.

  2. You need to keep these posts coming! Well, if you want me to survive this deployment anyway : )


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