Friday, November 28, 2008

"Viewmaster Should Not Take A Bath"

File that under "phrases I never thought I'd say". Those words actually came out of mouth this morning, followed by, "well... there's the title for my next blog entry".

Today began like any other day. With the sound of Louie's voice bellowing down the hall "Ma! Ma! Ma!" I entered his room and was greeted by the waft of a very distinct odor. Then I discovered some "leakage" from his diaper. This was NOT a good kind of leakage. This "leakage" should have been solid... but sadly, was NOT!

So... off to the bath for stinky-boy! As I drew his bath, "happy-naked-baby" ran about the house in search of awesome toys for this morning bath-time adventure. Into the bath went the usual toys: duck, boat, infant-snot-sucking-device (which is now a really cool water squirter) and the Viewmaster, loaded with a reel of farm animal pictures. You would think the paper picture wheel would become soggy-mush in the water... but surprisingly the Viewmaster functioned normally, even while filled with water. No doubt due to some highly advanced modern technology. So the question remains... Why can a $7.95 picture-viewing device take a bath, while a $149.95 Kodak Easy-Share clearly cannot? Seems Kodak could learn a thing or two from "Matel". Just something to ponder!

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