Monday, April 27, 2009

Me Mateys Be Glad!

I woke up today with this thought... "I must find something for these children to do before I lose my mind". So off we went to Sam's Club. (well... first Walmart, then Target, then Sam's Club!) We had a fun lunch date at Sam's (hot dogs of course) and did a little shopping.

And then we saw it... the mother of all inflatable pools! A super-awesome-triple-waterslide-pool-thingy"! We stood there in awe... all 4 of us! The boys said "COOL" and I thought, "that would totally buy me hours! Oh.. and it's a slide so there is no deep water to worry about." Yeah.. it was "COOL" all the way around! And... it was also $455.00!!! OUCH! I was totally going to pay that! Yes, I'm that desperate to get them outta my kitchen so they'll stop dumping cereal and raisins and crackers and goldfish and chips and popcorn and marshmallows and chocolate chips and yogurt and and and..... all over the floor! But then... Huey saw the $55.00 pirate ship inflatable pool with a water cannon... and decided it was a MUST HAVE! Woo Hooo!... I just saved $400.00! NICE!

So we got home, set up the pirate ship, and the ducklings had a blast the rest of the after noon. They played and hosed each other down and we had a great time. We talked like pirates for hours. Me mateys be glad, indeed! Arrrggggh! (um... a little head's up... don't be offended if Huey calls you a "scurvy dog" next time you talk to him! He means it with love.)

At 6:30pm I finally had to drag them into the house for dinner. After instructions to "take off your wet swim trunks and put on some dry pants", we sat down to dinner. At some point during dinner, I realized Huey and Dewey were butt-naked. NICE! Of course after they finished dinner they were right back outside. This time they be naked pirates... Aarrggg! (sorry... it never gets old) :o)

Anyway... I took a few photos of the best afternoon we've had in a long time. Enjoy!

Captain Dewey at the Helm

Louie was a reluctant pirate.
He's still not quite sure about the idea of playing in really cold water.
Huey mans the cannon!
Nobody was safe... not even his mother.
Cold, heartless pirate he be!
It has a little slide too!
" Yo ho! Yo ho! A piwate's wife for me!"


  1. I love the pirate ship! It's amazing! And your pirate impersonation is perfect. "Ye be mighty hilarious Captain Mommy!"

  2. That is wonderful. I think we need one. You think it is too small for a 13 year old???? Laura

  3. I love it. I don't think we can get that kind of pool, I am afraid our dog would pop it, but Mason would sure love it.

    Favorite kid joke: Why couldn't the kid pirate go to the movies?

    Because it was rated Arrrrrrrr! (Must be pronounced with your newly perfected pirate lingo for full effect.)


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