Sunday, July 12, 2009

Happy Birthday Baby!

On July 2 Louie turned two. How can it be that this sweet, sweet, precious baby is now a big kid?

I cannot even comprehend how fast time is flying. Other moms often tell me to just enjoy them now because they will be grown up very soon. And it's so true! That is part of the reason I just follow them with a camera and try to capture the humor in the more aggravating things they do. :o) One day, when I have a perfectly clean house, it will also be very quiet and lonely. So in that perspective... I guess an entire tube of blue toddler toothpaste on the carpet (today's artistic offering from Louie) isn't really so bad.

The following photo was taken at Louie's first party, which was the day before Daddy returned to Iraq from mid-tour leave.

It was also the day that Louie got a buzz cut for the summer. Louie puts up a huge fight in the barber's chair... so mommy had to wait for reinforcements to arrive. It took Daddy and I both to hold him down for the hair cut. Louie was not happy at all... but he seems to be pleased with the result. The good news is, he won't need another haircut for at least 8 months. Yay!

Louie's birthday cake was perfect. At his first party, we all got a cupcake and then we saved the larger cake for the celebration on his actual birthday. Yay Wal-Mart! Genius design!

Louie enjoyed cupcakes again on July 3rd when we celebrated his birthday with friends at the fireworks show. I think he is somewhat confused at all the cupcakes with candles. But hey... what 2-year-old will EVER refuse dessert? He just smiles and goes with it! Ha ha

Louie is a joy... and a complete booger! He provides laughter and frustration; he is curious and inquisitive. Louie needs to understand the world around him and to do this he must touch, taste, climb, draw, create, break, spill and experiment! Those of you who have followed my blog for awhile, know that Louie excels at all of these things. In a nutshell, he is VERY, VERY good at being TWO! And I love him to death.... messes and all!

Happy Birthday my baby boy! Its is a pleasure to be your mommy and I can't wait to see what genius things you do in the future because of your curiosity at an early age! I love you "Biggie".

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