Sunday, October 4, 2009

Ducklings Got a Clubhouse

When Army Guy was home in June, he brought The Ducklings a very special present. A swing set and clubhouse. They love it! The morning after it was installed, Ducklings went out to play and had such a fun time. Army guy kept asking Dewey if he liked it. But Dewey refused to reply. After awhile he finally said, "Don't call me Dewey ever again! My name is Mickey Mouse, because I have a clubhouse!" LOL... Kids are so funny!

Here are a few photos of the boys enjoying the new clubhouse. I've been informed that "girls are NOT allowed". But thankfully, they've given mommy a waiver on occasion!

Louie was NOT about to waste one second getting dressed. He had some slide'n to do!

Huey thinks he was BORN to slide!

Louie has become a professional swinger. (wait.. that doesn't sound right!)

Today the clubhouse is a rocket ship and The Ducklings are set to blast off to the moon. I've been assured there is no need to worry because "there is plenty of dinner on board, mom".

Dewey enjoys sliding with a "poop-free" back-side. YES... IT'S TRUE!!! He is finally potty trained! Fully... For Real! I know... awesome right?

Dewey and  Huey go through a pre-flight check in preparation for their blast-off. (where do they get this stuff?)

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