Monday, June 21, 2010

Uh... Something Got Lost in Translation

So, this is how my Monday began...

6:35 am
Dewey: (whispering) "Mom... wake up, Mom! Can I play Nintendo?"

Me: "mmmmmm... wha? mmmm"

Dewey: "Can I play Nintendo?"

Me: "Not right now sweetie... wait until everyone wakes up."

Dewey: "Okay mom."

6:37 am
Dewey: (Yelling in the living room). "EVERYBODY WAKE UP! MOM SAYS WHEN YOU GET UP I CAN PLAY NINTENDO!!!"

Me: "sigh......"


6:38 am
"Somehow" all the Wii remotes in the house are smashed into 1,000 tiny pieces after having "accidentally" hit the wall. (wait.. maybe I dreamed that part).

9:45 am

The above conversation leaves me pondering three questions:

1. WHY can't I drag this child's butt out of bed in time to get his brother to Pre-School by 9:00am during the school year?

2: WHEN is nap-time?

3: WHO wants to buy a Wii? (really cheap)

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