The Ducklings

The Ducklings
Left to Right: Louie, Dewey, Huey at Disney World

Saturday, August 18, 2012

.... dot com

The Ducklings have become smart little boogers.  They have completely embraced the "dot com" world they live in and are constantly asking me to look up stuff they want/like/need on the computer.  Here is a random list of the web addresses they've recently asked me to search:

Perhaps we should look up "warp-speed"

I thought it would be fun to actually type in these web addresses to see what pops up.  Here we go!  "this private website is NOT for sale".  However, it doesn't really look like it's being used either.  My guess is it IS FOR SALE, but Nintendo hasn't offered them enough money yet. Just a hunch! This domain may be for sale.  But until someone buys it, there is a nice little list of companies who supply tennis balls.  hmmm... who knew? This also represents an amazing opportunity for a budding little tennis ball entrepreneur.  Huey?  Anyone?  Kudos to the Legos company who are so on top of their game they've actually included any use of the word "LEGO" on various search engines.  Guess what comes up at the top of the suggested websites list? Yep... the official LEGO site.  WOW!  NASA could use a few tips from the good people at the LEGO company because they are missing the boat here.  Google just gave me a big ol' error message.  So how is a
5-year-old supposed to research all things rocket-ship?  Come on NASA... get your act together.  A home buyer service.  Seems appropriate, however, I'm guessing NOT what the ducklings had in mind.  I was a little scared to type this one in... but it turns out this site is "The Best Place To Find a Vacation Package". Wow!  This is not what I was thinking.... but may be useful in the future.

This little exercise has been very eye-opening.  Seems you can type in any random word or sentence and get some sort of website.  Unless, of course, you are doing a kindergarten research paper on rocket ships.  Then you're pretty screwed! I'm think'n NASA needs to address this issue STAT to expand their demographic... you know... into the 5-year-old rocket-scientist market.   I guess the corporate world is just smarter than your average government agency.  GASP!  REALLY?!?!?   (insert snarky Obamacare dig here....) 

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