Friday, May 8, 2009

Me Matey Be Somewhat... Odd!

Just a quick update to the pirate pool story.

The boys still love the pirate pool. Mostly, they love to fire the water cannon and run through the water. When Dewey seemed apprehensive about running through the water, I told him it was just like running in the rain. With the word, "rain", I saw a little light bulb click on above Dewey's head. He said... "I be right back!" The child returned wearing his fleece-lined rain jacket and a wool cap because... you know... he might get wet! He then proceeded to play in the water with no worries! I'm just gonna believe that shows brilliant problem solving skills! :o)

Check out Huey in the background! Such focus and determination in manning the cannon!


  1. You have taught them well, ALWAYS be prepared!!!

  2. You have a great backyard! I love that pool! must be warm if your swimmin. It's gonna be 100 degrees this weekend in Cali.


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