Thursday, May 28, 2009

Happy Birthday Dewey

On May 19th, Dewey turned three years old. It's amazing to me how fast three years just flew by. He was just this little bundle with chubby cheeks...

... and now look at him.... a big kid who just cracks me up. He works so hard to keep up with big brother, Huey, and does not want to be grouped with Louie and referred to as "the babies"... he hates it when I say that. He gives me fits with the potty training... but then makes me laugh when he says "I so anry... I not wuv you amore". He's very cuddly, and sweet, sweet, sweet! He's also a major booger! I like to call him "Dewey Jekyll and Dewey Hyde". It fits! But I guess that's just how life is when you're three.

Dewey loves "frawbry milk" (or pink milk), "squirt cheese" on crackers (or.. the squirt cheese he licks from the crackers) and "MaDono's humgers". Tonight, while enjoying an Oreo cookie (or.. the frosting from an Oreo cookie) he asked for "more frosting please" and then was stunned that I could not just deliver more frosting. Ah, the mind of a three-year old. Some other things Dewey enjoys are Mickey Mouse, Thomas the Tank Engine and Blues Clues. Most of all, Dewey likes to spend his days playing trains and must have his Thomas train in his bed before he will even consider sleeping.

To celebrate his birthday, we had a quiet little birthday party complete with the "bouncy house" that grandma sent for Christmas. The boys love it when I pull that out! Dewey enjoyed opening gifts from Mom and Dad, Huey, Auntie Kelli (with the black hair) and grandma. He loves his Mickey Mouse t-shirt and movie and is really looking forward to shopping for a special something with the gift card grandma sent.

Such a big boy... it is a joy to be his mama! And I love watching him grow... though part of me really wants him to stay little a long time! Happy Birthday my sweet Dewey! Mommy and Daddy love you so much!

Friday, May 8, 2009

Me Matey Be Somewhat... Odd!

Just a quick update to the pirate pool story.

The boys still love the pirate pool. Mostly, they love to fire the water cannon and run through the water. When Dewey seemed apprehensive about running through the water, I told him it was just like running in the rain. With the word, "rain", I saw a little light bulb click on above Dewey's head. He said... "I be right back!" The child returned wearing his fleece-lined rain jacket and a wool cap because... you know... he might get wet! He then proceeded to play in the water with no worries! I'm just gonna believe that shows brilliant problem solving skills! :o)

Check out Huey in the background! Such focus and determination in manning the cannon!

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