Friday, April 22, 2011

Five Boys and a Beach

Dewey 6, Logan 4, Louie 3, Dewey 4, Lucas 2

What would possess two moms to take a 3-day trip to the beach with 5 little boys ranging from 2-6 in age? Maybe a little boredom mixed with a wee bit of insanity? Wait... insanity in my home is not newsworthy, it's merely the norm. However, this time I suckered my friend, Angela, into my crazy little reality. Bwa ha ha! I'm now conducting "crazy training". Angela is my first victim... er.. I mean student!

So it COULD have gone terribly wrong. It COULD have been 3 days of misery survivable only through massive amounts of Rum. But the truth is... we got TOTALLY lucky! The boys were so cute, they got along well and we had a fantastic time.

Angela and I rented a 3 bedroom condo at Myrtle Beach. The boys got to experience the ocean for the first time and they thought that was pretty cool. Highlights included lots of swimming, being buried in the sand, learning to snorkel and enjoying ice cream while we walked along a fishing pier. The boys thought that was awesome and are now seriously interested in all things "fishing". However, the best part of the trip was the incredible pool at our condo. It was absolutely perfect for our crew... complete with a toddler/sprinkler pool and a "lazy river".

The boys have decided it was so fun that we should visit the beach again. But next time we need to bring daddy "so we can show him how cool the ocean is".

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