Monday, July 11, 2011

Today I'm Genius... Be Warned!

SOMEBODY got into the Oreo cookies and left evidence all over the place. Of course it was "Notme" that did it. That kid is to blame for everything around here. I find it interesting that "Notme" has so much involvement in our family when I don't recall his birth at all. Anyhooo... All three boys stood in front of me and insisted that "Notme" was the culprit. So I had this genius idea. I made them all show me their teeth. I inspected all of their teeth, looking for that tell-tale Oreo crud that gets stuck in the molars. "Doah", I thought, "nobody has cookie in their teeth". But before I let my face break and accepted defeat, I came up with another genius idea. I said to them "Okay.. I know exactly which one of you did it. If you continue to lie it will be much worse for you. This is your last chance." Turns out "Notme" has been vindicated. One of the Ducklings immediately confessed. LOL

Yep... it was a flash of brilliance I tell ya! :o)
Copywrite 2018 - Loretta Monroe