Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Does This Make Me A Soccer Mom?

The boys are attending Jr. Baseball Camp this week. So far they have enjoyed it very much. It's been fun watching them learn to throw, catch, bat, and run the bases. Anyone who has ever watched 3-5 year old baseball understands that it is HILARIOUS! It's so funny to watch 9 preschool aged boys all run for the ball, like it's a race to see who can get it. Then, of course, since EVERYONE is fighting over the ball, there is no one covering first base... and the batter makes a single... EVERY TIME! Actually, when played this way, the game sort of resembles soccer!

Today Huey was introduced to "batting" (with the use of the "T"). I'm not sure if he ever actually made contact with the ball, but he did hit the "T" and the ball tumbled off the pole and rolled about 10 feet. This gave Huey great joy... and filled my heart with pride! "My boy is an athlete", I think to myself. "This is the beginning of what will be a very lucrative career in Major League Baseball". I gaze upon my son with such adoration.... and he looks at me, equally as proud, and says, "MOM... did you see that? Home run! I hit it OUT OF THE PARK!!!" hahahahahhaha.... "yes son, you sure did!" And so it begins....

So, anyway - this is now my role. I have graduated from "chief butt wiper" and am officially a "soccer mom" with the mini van and everything. (Okay... I guess I'm still a butt wiper on occasion. But there is no way I will answer to the title "butt-wiping soccer mom".) Of course, the boys played soccer last week... they hated it and quit after three days... but whatever... I'm still going with "soccer mom".

I am taking my new job as head cheerleader very seriously. I bring the cooler with ice cold water and juice for after practice. I throw in some cheese sticks and grapes for a snack... have the sun-screen and the camp chair ... I cheer and laugh with the other parents... I am doing an excellent job!

However, there have been a few miss-steps along the way. Like yesterday, when we drove 30 minutes to post, piled out of the car and headed for the field in the nick of time only to realize that Dewey was not wearing any shoes. Yep.. in all the commotion of loading the car, preparing breakfast to go, changing a diaper, buckling car-seat belts, etc etc etc... I failed to realize Dewey never did put his shoes on. So I had to think quickly! I took Louie's shoes and gave them to Dewey ... and we all ran to the baseball field. Louie was perfectly happy to be barefoot and Dewey was not the slightest concerned that his shoes were a little snug. Phew... saved by the "mommy tap dance" once again! Hahaha! So maybe that makes my official title "Tap-Dancing-Butt-Wiping-Soccer-Mom... who's kids don't play soccer". :o)

Thursday, July 23, 2009

All The Queen's Men

Just thought it would be fun to post a few photos of all my boys over the last couple of years!

All the Queen's Men - 2007

Such a proud Daddy with his three little men!
*Huey: 32 mo. *Dewey: 15 mo. *Louie: 2 mo.
*Army Guy: 492 months
All the Queen's Men - 2008

Triple slide.... perfect!
*Dewey: 27 mo. *Louie: 14 mo. *Huey: 45 mo.
*Army Guy: 504 months
All the Queen's Men - 2009

Daddy is home for Father's Day!
*Dewey: 3 *Louie: 2 *Huey: 4 1/2
*Army Guy: 41 years, 10 months, and 22 days

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Happy Birthday Baby!

On July 2 Louie turned two. How can it be that this sweet, sweet, precious baby is now a big kid?

I cannot even comprehend how fast time is flying. Other moms often tell me to just enjoy them now because they will be grown up very soon. And it's so true! That is part of the reason I just follow them with a camera and try to capture the humor in the more aggravating things they do. :o) One day, when I have a perfectly clean house, it will also be very quiet and lonely. So in that perspective... I guess an entire tube of blue toddler toothpaste on the carpet (today's artistic offering from Louie) isn't really so bad.

The following photo was taken at Louie's first party, which was the day before Daddy returned to Iraq from mid-tour leave.

It was also the day that Louie got a buzz cut for the summer. Louie puts up a huge fight in the barber's chair... so mommy had to wait for reinforcements to arrive. It took Daddy and I both to hold him down for the hair cut. Louie was not happy at all... but he seems to be pleased with the result. The good news is, he won't need another haircut for at least 8 months. Yay!

Louie's birthday cake was perfect. At his first party, we all got a cupcake and then we saved the larger cake for the celebration on his actual birthday. Yay Wal-Mart! Genius design!

Louie enjoyed cupcakes again on July 3rd when we celebrated his birthday with friends at the fireworks show. I think he is somewhat confused at all the cupcakes with candles. But hey... what 2-year-old will EVER refuse dessert? He just smiles and goes with it! Ha ha

Louie is a joy... and a complete booger! He provides laughter and frustration; he is curious and inquisitive. Louie needs to understand the world around him and to do this he must touch, taste, climb, draw, create, break, spill and experiment! Those of you who have followed my blog for awhile, know that Louie excels at all of these things. In a nutshell, he is VERY, VERY good at being TWO! And I love him to death.... messes and all!

Happy Birthday my baby boy! Its is a pleasure to be your mommy and I can't wait to see what genius things you do in the future because of your curiosity at an early age! I love you "Biggie".

Friday, July 10, 2009

Daddy Was Here!

June was a busy, wonderful month. Daddy was here for a full two weeks and we had an amazing time. The boys were thrilled to have him around. We were wondering how Louie would react, since he's too little to remember when Army Guy left. But he took to Daddy right away. And boy did those 4 boys have a good time.

Here are a few highlights of daddy's visit:

* We went to the South Carolina Train Museum and took a train ride. The boys got a kick out of that. They also enjoyed walking through old, refurbished trains. It was amazing to see them so interested in museum pieces. These boys just love any train!

* We were blessed with a visit from Grammy. Though her stay was entirely too short, it was really good to see her. The boys always enjoy when grandparents visit.

* Auntie Kelly (with the yellow hair) and all the blond cousins came to visit. It was so good to see them. The boys had a great time with Auntie Kelly and Huey loved playing with Johnny (because Johnny is a "big boy"... he's almost 10!)

* It was amazing timing that Daddy's visit included Father's Day! Yay! Huey and Dewey painted a really cool ceramic airplane... camouflage... orange... of course. (because the U.S. military doesn't have an airplane that will blend well during an inverted sunset fly-over. Brilliantly done boys!)

* Of course the best part of Daddy's visit was just having him here.... just hanging out as a family and enjoying the time. We had lots of lazy days which included wrestling, cuddling and tickling! And I enjoyed watching all four of my boys play and laugh. It was good for the heart.

Army Guy returned to Iraq on June 24th and we have gone back to our "alternate reality". But the good news is we are 2/3 finished with this deployment. Daddy has been gone for one year, and we have only 6 months to go! Yay!

Daddy and Huey during Louie's birthday celebration
(notice the color of cupcake Huey selected?) :o)
Daddy and Dewey
Daddy and Louie, the birthday boy.

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