Monday, June 21, 2010

The Blog Has A New Look

This blog face-lift is dedicated to "The Ducklings" who LOVE LOVE LOVE all things orange! :o)

Uh... Something Got Lost in Translation

So, this is how my Monday began...

6:35 am
Dewey: (whispering) "Mom... wake up, Mom! Can I play Nintendo?"

Me: "mmmmmm... wha? mmmm"

Dewey: "Can I play Nintendo?"

Me: "Not right now sweetie... wait until everyone wakes up."

Dewey: "Okay mom."

6:37 am
Dewey: (Yelling in the living room). "EVERYBODY WAKE UP! MOM SAYS WHEN YOU GET UP I CAN PLAY NINTENDO!!!"

Me: "sigh......"


6:38 am
"Somehow" all the Wii remotes in the house are smashed into 1,000 tiny pieces after having "accidentally" hit the wall. (wait.. maybe I dreamed that part).

9:45 am

The above conversation leaves me pondering three questions:

1. WHY can't I drag this child's butt out of bed in time to get his brother to Pre-School by 9:00am during the school year?

2: WHEN is nap-time?

3: WHO wants to buy a Wii? (really cheap)

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Sometimes You Just Gotta Shake Your Head and Giggle

This week we all went to Vacation Bible School at our church. It was a fantastic week! I got to lead a group of first-graders while the boys had lots of fun singing and learning Bible stories and making cute crafts! We all had a great time.
On the final day of VBS, the children participated in the traditional program for all the parents. All the kids (about 200) stood on stage and sang songs for the parents. It was really cute. Since Huey's class was the youngest, they ended up right in front. I sat there in the front row, holding Dewey, and watching Huey sing... and I was so proud....

And then... it all went terribly wrong!

Dewey distracted me for a second mid-way through the program. When I looked up again.... Huey was GONE! Vanished! I searched the stage and could not find him anywhere! How on Earth do you lose a child while he's standing less than 10 feet in front of you? After 30 seconds of frantically searching the group, I finally found him.... and then.... I was both horrified and amused by the events that unfolded before my eyes!

Huey had worked his way across the stage to where a live mic was stationed for the older kids with speaking parts. My darling son, now obsessed with the microphone, planted himself in front of the mic stand, tilted the mic down to his level... then stood on his very tippy tippy toes and strained his neck up as high as he could and then... began to sing directly into the mic.... LOUDLY! He then proceeded to make faces and act like... well... like a 5-year-old who is experiencing a microphone for the first time ever. At some point the sound guy got a clue and turned off the mic. All the teachers just ignored him... while I slithered under the pew and hid. Yeah... I was proud!

At some point, I crawled out from under the pew and caught Huey's eye and gave him that (Get-your-butt-away-from-that-mic, young-man) non-verbal glare that he immediately understood! Huey promptly worked his way back to his spot and began singing like the sweet child I know and love.... who likes to pick and eat his boogers....... sigh....

As soon as the janitor leaves I'll finally crawl out from under the pew and make my way home.... any time now....

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Combat in Arms 101

Lesson #1:

Never Mess With Superior Fire Power

Lesson #2:
If You're Holding A Weapon... You're In The Fight

Lesson #3:
It's Unwise To Pause For Refreshment During The Battle

Lesson #4
Know When Hand-to-Hand Combat Has Failed. Call For Long Range Missiles!

Lesson #5
Refer to Lesson #1.... And Take Cover!

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