Sunday, September 26, 2010

AAaannnnnnnddddd There's the Truth

Huey - 5

This week I made a shocking discovery! SHOCKING! It turns out my biggie kindergarten baby is frequenting the salad line at the school cafeteria! Whaaaaza? This little tid-bit of information was revealed to me when the school nurse called while Huey was there in her office. You see Huey has eczema and is also allergic to peanut and egg white. The food allergy always shows up as a rash on his face and then triggers an outbreak of eczema. Huey knows he should not eat ranch dressing, but he LOVES it! At home, I give him a ranch dip made from sour cream. But at school, he is in charge of what he eats. Apparently he has concluded that the rash is worth the ultra "yummies" he enjoys from his salad. Or... maybe there is more to the story...?

So Louie and I visited Huey at school and we ate lunch with him. Low and behold... right before my very eyes, the child ordered a chef salad with ranch dressing. I sat there watching him dip cucumbers in the dressing.... he seemed to enjoy his lunch very much. And then the following conversation took place:

Me: "You know that salad dressing is going to make you itchy, right?"
Huey: "I know".
Me: "If you eat too much you'll need Benadryl"
Huey: Yep... I know".

Then Huey got this smirk... It's the same one I've seen in Army Guy's family. I've seen this smirk/grin from Huey's dad, grandfather, and even his great-grandfather. (The men in Army Guy's family are very charming). And when I saw this smirk, I instantly knew the truth. But just to make sure I asked one more question.

Me: "are you eating salad every day so you can see the nurse?"
Huey: HUGE grin "I like the nurse"!

DOAH... My 5-year-old is working the system so he can get out of school and hang out with the nurse! Yep... he's definitely Papa John's great-grandson!
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