Tuesday, August 17, 2010

You Learn Something New Every Day

Huey- 5, in his Thomas the Tank Engine swim trunks.

Today I learned that you should never say THIS to a 5-year old boy at the water park:"Hey Buddy, why are you wearing underwear with your swim suit?"

Anyone wanna take a guess at what happened next? In my mind it's all very slow-motiony. It goes something like this...

It's 20 minutes after the innocent underwear inquiry and I am standing at the edge of the pool watching Dewey and Louie while they swim. Huey is standing at the other side of the pool near our towels and shoes and is apparently quite bothered by this new revelation that it's taboo to wear tighty-whities under your swim trunks. He then decides to correct the problem immediately. His back is turned to me and I see a bare white bottom make an appearance. So here's me... yelling in slow motion across the pool... "Huey Noooooooo!" Of course the water park is really really loud and VERY crowded so Huey can't hear me. I yell again. "HHUUEEEYYYY!!! NOOOOOOO! NOOOOO!!! NOOOOOOO!!"

At this point I'm stuck across the pool and there is NOTHING I can do about my son who is flashing the entire Ft. Jackson community. Luckily... swim trunks are really hard to take off when they are wet. So he can't quite get them off. Unluckily... he can't quite get them back up either. So he turns around in search of me for some assistance. I'm still a crazy person waving and yelling to get his attention. By this time the entire pool sees what is happening. (Ok, maybe not. But it's my story... let me tell it my way!) So I jump into the pool and swim to my son and then assume my duty as official towel holder while he makes major wardrobe adjustments. Huey looks at me like "what's the big deal mom?" Sigh..... next time I ignore his drawers until we get home. Lesson learned!
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