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My early motherhood experience was one giant blur that I'm not quite certain was real or just imagined.  NOT.EVEN.KIDDING! Within the timeframe of 30 months I delivered three babies...all single births. Pretty much I was pregnant for three years straight. This is where the story begins.

If chasing three babies in diapers wasn't enough...the army decided my husband's skills would serve the army better on the exact opposite side of the nation. And then after we moved 3000 miles from "home", the army sent my husband to Iraq.
 + three babies
  - support system
  - friends
  - family
  - husband             

During that eighteen-month deployment I began this blog to keep my husband up to date with the crazy antics of his silly boys. Nearly a decade later that blog has inspired a book filled with empathy and encouragement for mommies who are struggling to cope in this crazy "pre-school mommy" existence. That book will be published next year. A series of five books are planned along with a daily prayer devotional. All with one goal in mind...encourage the weary mama who just might need a hug now and then. 

Sweet Sister Mama, have you ever had a bra filled with vomit? Have you cleaned poop-art out of the carpet? Do you often go out in public with snot on your shirt?  If you answered "yes" to any of these questions...we are kindred. And if you can put a "check mark" next to all of the above, we are soul-sisters from the same mommy tribe.  

If you want to read some silly family stories, this is the blog for you. For more serious devotionals, check out my "Blog of Devotionals" at LorettaMonroe.com. And if you'd like a mix of both, you enjoy a killer funny mommy-tale, and your soul seeks refreshment from the Word of God, you'll want to get my book, Laughing All the Way to Kindergarten. Look for the book in the coming year. In the meantime, grab a cup of coffee, pull up a chair and let's chat for a while about surviving this crazy life in the mommy circus.

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