Monday, September 3, 2012

We're Celebrating!

It has become standard operating procedure in this household, that we go out to dinner Sunday after church.  Don't know how this came to be... but I LIKE IT!  So yesterday, as Army Guy, The Duckings and I piled into the minivan, we began the usual after-church conversation... deciding on where to eat.  Last week it was Taco Bell... so I was hoping for something a little less "your-dinner-comes-wrapped-in-paper" than that.  Then the following conversation took place:

Army Guy:  So where are we going for dinner?
Me:  Let's pick a nice place
Huey:  How about the Japanese Steakhouse?
Me:  Well... that is a nice place, but it's really expensive.  We have to save that for a special occassion.
Army Guy:  We went there for Father's Day... and sometimes on Birthdays.
Me:  I don't think today is special.  What are we celebrating?
Huey:  Today is Sunday... we are celebrating THE LORD!
Army Guy and Me:  Bahahahahahahahahahahaha

Yeah... we totally went to the Japanese Steakhouse because, frankly, that's a point you just cannot argue.  Score one for Huey!

Here we are celebrating the Lord, Japanese style!!!

September 2, 2012
Left to right:  Louie 5 (back), Dewey 6 (front), Me, Army Guy, Huey 7

Friday, August 31, 2012

Mama Aint Play'n

So.... remember when The Ducklings got a new toy room?  Those of you who are new to the blog can read about the toy room transformation here and here. Don't miss the part about how I nearly launched myself across the room while trying to remove an anchor from the drywall. And be sure to check out my awesome skills with the drill.  Good stuff! 

Anyway... It was a great toy room.  Over time it morphed from the place where Thomas lived with all of his friends (and tracks and bridges and roundhouses and such...) to the place where the Ducklings went to war over the Wii... daily.  It went from a decor of tiny kid chairs and a pretend kitchen, to grown up leather sofas and a flat screen TV.  (Ducklings are seriously spoiled).  But no matter the decor, there was always one thing that remained constant about the toy room.  It was a pig sty y'all.  (I've been in the south for nearly 5 years... I say "y'all" now.. FYI!)  So, where was I?  Oh yeah... Ducklings are pigs!  Seriously.  I'm not sure how pudding cups find their way under the sofa when CLEARLY food is not allowed in the toy room....  But that's neither here nor there!  What's really important is that MAMA AIN'T PLAY'N! 

Introducing.... My New Office! 

Notice the big-a$$ computer monitor?  Yeah I took their TV too. (bwa ha ha)   There comes a point when Mama has stepped on her last Lego... or gooey puddle of yogurt... or yogurt-covered Lego.... and something just SNAPS!  Mama decides either the toy room has to go or the children have to go but we simply cannot have both.  I am proud to report we still have all three children...  pretty sure it was the right decision too.

My new office totally ROCKS!  And, even though I am allowed to eat in the office whenever I want to...  Not once have I EVER found a pudding cup under the sofa.  True story! 

Now I get to work on grown-up decor! Yay!  Fun!!!  Any suggestions?

Saturday, August 18, 2012

.... dot com

The Ducklings have become smart little boogers.  They have completely embraced the "dot com" world they live in and are constantly asking me to look up stuff they want/like/need on the computer.  Here is a random list of the web addresses they've recently asked me to search:

Perhaps we should look up "warp-speed"


I thought it would be fun to actually type in these web addresses to see what pops up.  Here we go!  "this private website is NOT for sale".  However, it doesn't really look like it's being used either.  My guess is it IS FOR SALE, but Nintendo hasn't offered them enough money yet. Just a hunch! This domain may be for sale.  But until someone buys it, there is a nice little list of companies who supply tennis balls.  hmmm... who knew? This also represents an amazing opportunity for a budding little tennis ball entrepreneur.  Huey?  Anyone?  Kudos to the Legos company who are so on top of their game they've actually included any use of the word "LEGO" on various search engines.  Guess what comes up at the top of the suggested websites list? Yep... the official LEGO site.  WOW!  NASA could use a few tips from the good people at the LEGO company because they are missing the boat here.  Google just gave me a big ol' error message.  So how is a
5-year-old supposed to research all things rocket-ship?  Come on NASA... get your act together.  A home buyer service.  Seems appropriate, however, I'm guessing NOT what the ducklings had in mind.  I was a little scared to type this one in... but it turns out this site is "The Best Place To Find a Vacation Package". Wow!  This is not what I was thinking.... but may be useful in the future.

This little exercise has been very eye-opening.  Seems you can type in any random word or sentence and get some sort of website.  Unless, of course, you are doing a kindergarten research paper on rocket ships.  Then you're pretty screwed! I'm think'n NASA needs to address this issue STAT to expand their demographic... you know... into the 5-year-old rocket-scientist market.   I guess the corporate world is just smarter than your average government agency.  GASP!  REALLY?!?!?   (insert snarky Obamacare dig here....) 

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Ducklings Play Ball!!!

Okay... So recently I've been reminded that the blog has been SERIOUSLY neglected.  It's true... I've been kinda busy hanging on for dear life... what with running a successful business while three boys ping off the walls, and whatnot.  But in my defense, it was either neglect the blog or the children. I'm almost certain I chose wisely.

So I'm going to try to catch up a little by telling some of the stories I've filed away under "One day this will really embarrass my son... So I must remember it with great detail".  So let's get started, shall we?
Fall 2011
The Ducklings were 1/3 of  the Tee-Ball Team
This year Army Guy and I decided it was time to invest in some "Man Training" for the boys. So we bought some really cute white pants in size "tiny butt" and sent them out for their great American baseball education from the good folks at Little League. In the Fall they were all on the same tee-ball team.  In the spring they were placed on two different teams with Army Guy coaching Tee Ball and Assistant Coaching Coaches Pitch.  We were at the ball park 4 nights a week with practice on Sundays.  Following are highlights of the year:

Spring 2012
Huey is so proud of his trophy


Huey began the spring season as the catcher on his "Coaches Pitch" team.  I'm guessing his spring training was not quite up to par because nobody really told him what a catcher actually does. (I mean... besides being a target for the pitcher and a back-stop for the balls to bounce off of).  I'm pretty sure the extent of his training was just "squat there behind the plate".  I'm proud to report that Heuy was the best darn squatter you ever did see.  He gave 100% to squatting.  In fact, he turned squatting into an art form. He was a REALLY GOOD squatter y'all!  So here's how that went:   Bases loaded, batter gets a lucky hit. My son is in excellent squatting form.  Uh oh..... here comes the runner from 3rd base.  Huey squats and watches as the runner approaches the plate.  The pitcher hurls the ball at "the squatter".  Ball bounces off squatter just as runner crosses the plate.  Stunned, Squatter looks around in confusion.  Mother hides under bleachers while other parents giggle.  Next Game... Huey is in right field.  Mother is okay with that because she's pretty sure they have right fielders in the MLB too.  "Play Ball!"

Spring 2012
Dewey and Coach Army Guy


Dewey played Tee-ball with his brothers in the Fall, and then by himself on Army Guy's Team in the Spring.  Dewey is a great batter and really enjoys running the bases... in his own sweet time. Fortunately, in Tee-ball, everybody gets to score!  Woohoo... he's my home run guy!

But Dewey's favorite part of baseball is being in the field.  He loves the field so much more than batting.  Mostly he enjoys searching for four-leaf clovers and little yellow dandelion flowers in the grass.  It's really important to take time to enjoy nature on a sunny spring day.  Baseballs flying past his head?  Not really a concern here.  Dewey is enjoying nature!  Sigh... "Play Ball"!


Spring 2012
Louie ready for the big game


Picture Louie up at bat on his tee-ball team.  He hits the tee (not the ball) and the ball rolls 2 feet in front of the plate.  The crowd goes wild, yelling "Run"!  Louie gets down on all fours and crawls really, really fast...... to 3rd base.  Fastest crawl I ever did see.  Funny as heck too!

Louie became somewhat bored with t-ball after the first couple of games.  Fortunately for Louie, there was a HUGE dirt pile near the ball field.  4-year-old boy + really big dirt pile = zero interest in baseball.  After awhile, Louie could not even be bribed with a snow cone to play ball.  He had a major dirt mountain to conquer.  Sigh.... White pants will never be white again!   "Play Ball"

Army Guy was a great coach!

Army Guy & Me

Army Guy was a real trooper!  Keeping up with two teams was not easy.  His biggest dilemma was which shirt to wear on what night.  He did an excellent job with his little T-ball players.  I sat in the bleachers and overheard parents making comments like "wow... he has so much patience... how does he do that?"  Hmmm... Yeah... how DOES he do that?

We spent four nights a week at the ball park and I got really creative with crock pot dinners.  After the third week, I stopped trying to get the white pants white (noticed most other moms gave up as well).  Half way through the season, I began to despise all things baseball and secretly hoped for losses during the final tournament.  Is that wrong? I'm happy to report that I got really into the last two games when Huey's team darn near won the whole tournament.  Now I'm ready for the fall season!  LET'S PLAY BALL!!!

After the season was over, we took the boys to a minor league baseball game for July 4th.  After two seasons of (attempting) to play baseball... they got to see what the game is really supposed to look like.  Mostly, they just liked the popcorn and hot dogs!   When asked if they are ready for the upcoming fall season, Army Guy and I heard..... crickets! 

We are currently rethinking our whole "MLB retirement plan".  :o)

July 4, 2012
The Ducklings at a Minor League Game
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