Thursday, November 12, 2009

One-Liners, Courtesy of The Ducklings!

This entry might be a little bit of a cop-out... but whatever! I'm running out of good stories without repeating the same thing over and over again. You know... the "Louie-poured-flour all-over-the-floor-and-used-it-to-slip-n-slide-down-the-hallway", kind of thing. That stuff happens around here... it's not always THAT entertaining.

Anyway.... over the years the Ducklings have come up with some one-liners that have just slayed me. So here goes. In no particular order.... quotes from the Ducklings.

Me to Army Guy: "Scoot over and make room for my giant butt".
Huey (from the other room): "THAT'S MY MAMA!!!"


Huey (from the back of the minivan):"Mommy, can you move your big face so I can see the TomTom"?


Huey to Mom and Dad (from the back of the minivan): "NO TALKING!"

Mom and Dad: "Okay" (continue talking)
short pause.....................

Huey (spoken like a tired irritated mom):
"I hear talking!" "I think I said NO TALKING!"


Dewey: "Yo Ho, Yo Ho a Piwates Wife for me!"


Dewey (singing to the tune of "Where is Thumpkin"):

"Where is Daddy? Where is Daddy?
I don't' know. I don't know.

Wore mus born wore finner. Wore mus born wore finner.
Amen. Amen. (Translated: "You must burn your finger")
(I don't know... I'm just reporting!)


Huey (to his teacher when put in the time-out chair):
"My mommy does NOT want to hear from you!"


Huey (to mommy when trying to stay up after bed time).

"But mommy, you're awesome and I just want to hang out with you!"
(ah... sweet! He got to stay up. I know... I'm a sucker!)


Huey - the next night: (Spoken with wrong body language and tone. Rolling eyes and just saying the words.)
"But you're awesome and I just wanna hang out with you!"
(Ah ha ha ha! Not this time little mister! Nice try!)

Dewey: "Doe Di Aye Doe Doe"
(It took me 20 minutes to translate that to "Go Diego Go") LOL


Dewey: "I'm a boy but I DON'T WIKE football... and I DON'T WIKE fredress!!!" (Asparagus)


Huey (back when he was 3) "Mommy!  Shoke taker honking wake up me! Shoke taker, Mama... Shoke Taker!!!"  Three days later it finally occurred to me he was saying "the smoke detector will honk and wake me up".  lol  I need a degree in 3-year-old linguistics.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Trick or Treat!

I REALLY wanted to dress the boys as Huey, Dewey, and Louie for Halloween!!! How perfect would THAT have been? I could just see it.... My darling boys decked out in little white duck costumes... the mere thought makes me laugh. But NOOOOOOO! These boys would have none of that! (Kill-joys). Instead they insisted on Mario, Luigi and Pooh Bear. Now you might notice a few flaws with this picture. First, the obvious... "but wait... that's not Pooh Bear.. that's BLUE!" Ya... I know. Baby decided to go with last year's "Blue" at the last second. And I mean... the VERY LAST second. Army Guy was actually dressing him when this revelation came. But Army Guy was fast on his toes. He remained flexible and conquered the challenge like a true stay-at-home mom. Ya... he ditched the Pooh Bear Outfit and dug "Blue" out of the closet. $19.95 wasted! Whatever! You gotta do what you gotta do! Hahaha

The second problem with the photo is height. Do you think there is any possible way on EARTH that I could get the short one to be Mario and the tall one to be Luigi??? Not on your life!!! Huey was dead set on Mario. And Dewey was going to be Luigi! End. Of. Story! Hahaha!

So... with our costume challenges overlooked, we sent them off to gather chocolate for their mama (uh... I mean... um... for them). This is the first time Army Guy was around for Halloween and he took them trick-or-treating. They all had a blast! When they returned I thought it was curious that "Baby" had the biggest stash. Army Guy laughed and said "Baby worked the crowd". Apparently, he blew kisses to everyone and had them eating out of his hand. Hmmmm... future politician in my home? Haha!

We had a fun night and it was so great to have Army Guy home to share it with the boys. (we can thank my former gallbladder for that... may it rest in peace!)
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