Monday, September 3, 2012

We're Celebrating!

It has become standard operating procedure in this household, that we go out to dinner Sunday after church.  Don't know how this came to be... but I LIKE IT!  So yesterday, as Army Guy, The Duckings and I piled into the minivan, we began the usual after-church conversation... deciding on where to eat.  Last week it was Taco Bell... so I was hoping for something a little less "your-dinner-comes-wrapped-in-paper" than that.  Then the following conversation took place:

Army Guy:  So where are we going for dinner?
Me:  Let's pick a nice place
Huey:  How about the Japanese Steakhouse?
Me:  Well... that is a nice place, but it's really expensive.  We have to save that for a special occassion.
Army Guy:  We went there for Father's Day... and sometimes on Birthdays.
Me:  I don't think today is special.  What are we celebrating?
Huey:  Today is Sunday... we are celebrating THE LORD!
Army Guy and Me:  Bahahahahahahahahahahaha

Yeah... we totally went to the Japanese Steakhouse because, frankly, that's a point you just cannot argue.  Score one for Huey!

Here we are celebrating the Lord, Japanese style!!!

September 2, 2012
Left to right:  Louie 5 (back), Dewey 6 (front), Me, Army Guy, Huey 7
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