Friday, October 30, 2009

Army Wives Rock!!!

Today I devote my blog entry to the awesome-ness that surrounds me... Army Wives! I have always thought Army Wives were cool... but now I am a full blown fan. So here's a shout-out to all those who supported me and sacrificed your precious time during my illness. These are the heroes of my life... I love you all!

Tiffany: Tiffany got a message on her phone that went something like this.... "Tiff... I just dropped my kids at the CDC (Child Development Center) and I am headed to the hospital... I am so sick. (crying) I don't know if I'll be able to pick them up by 5:30, (sobbing) please pick up my kids.... click". Here's the rest of the story. Tiffany arrived at the CDC to discover Dewey had a fever and was vomiting. She took my boys home and cared for them (along with her own 5 children) for two days while I was in the hospital. Tiffany provided a familiar and safe place for my children while they were visibly upset and worried. All the while, Tiffany's first concern was not her own sanity, but the well-being of my children. As others offered to take the children, Tiffany knew they were already upset and scared. She didn't want to subject them to the uncertainty of being cared for by a stranger.

Margaret: When Margaret learned of my illness, she immediately came to the hospital along with her husband, a chaplin, to be with me. Margaret found me an emotional wreck and completely exhausted after being so sick for an entire week and not really sure of what, exactly, was wrong with me. Margaret provided comfort and friendship. She stayed with me for several hours on Friday night, and returned for several more hours on Saturday morning. She lifted my spirits and provided a foundation of strength for me to rest on when I was completely out of my mind with worry and exhaustion.

Meredith: As the current President of PWOC, Meredith organized help and prayer support from the women of PWOC. Meredith kept me company for several hours at the hospital and then returned to my home at 5:30am a week later to watch my children when I finally went in for surgery. She also brought a yummy dinner for that night and organized a schedule of ladies to bring dinner the next few days all the while becoming "communication central" to keep all the ladies informed of my condition.

Peggy and Christa: Brought delicious dinners to my family so my husband would not have to worry about what to feed us during my recovery.

Amy and Jennifer: Provided assistance to Tiffany so she would not lose her mind while caring for 8 children.

Liz and Maria: Were available to help with ZERO notice when I called 911 and was taken to the ER because of chest pains. Liz watched my children and Maria kept me company at the hospital.

The Ladies of PWOC: Prayed. I am convinced it is because of these prayer warriors that the situation turned out perfectly. My husband came home from Iraq, my gallstone passed without medical intervention, and I was released from the hospital in time to enjoy our pre-planned and pre-paid vacation without pain. After the vacation I was able to return for surgery to remove my gallbladder and am now in recovery while my husband is here to care for the children. The situation could not have worked out more perfectly.

My Mom and My Husband: Although not Army Wives, they deserve a shout-out too. When my mother learned I was so sick, she hopped on the next plane and flew across the country (from California) to be here for me. She helped with the kids and gave me exactly what I needed... my mother! It was a quick trip, but she was able to stay until hubby arrived and provided the reassurance that only a mom can give. My husband has been wonderful. His command let him come home from Iraq to help and he has been "mister mom" since he got here. This is exactly what I needed to get me through the next two months of this deployment. Thank you babe, for traveling from the opposite side of the Earth to help me through this.

I wish congress would come up with a medal specifically for Army Wives. They are the strength behind the Army and the ones who tend to the home front so the Army can function. So, until congress comes up with the proper medal, I will offer this... a virtual medal, a huge thank you and a promise to live up to the excellent example you have set. I vow to be a pillar of strength for someone else the next time an emergency arises. I will continue the tradition and do my part to be an Awesome Army Wife too.

Thank you my dear friends. I love you so much!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Ducklings Got a Clubhouse

When Army Guy was home in June, he brought The Ducklings a very special present. A swing set and clubhouse. They love it! The morning after it was installed, Ducklings went out to play and had such a fun time. Army guy kept asking Dewey if he liked it. But Dewey refused to reply. After awhile he finally said, "Don't call me Dewey ever again! My name is Mickey Mouse, because I have a clubhouse!" LOL... Kids are so funny!

Here are a few photos of the boys enjoying the new clubhouse. I've been informed that "girls are NOT allowed". But thankfully, they've given mommy a waiver on occasion!

Louie was NOT about to waste one second getting dressed. He had some slide'n to do!

Huey thinks he was BORN to slide!

Louie has become a professional swinger. (wait.. that doesn't sound right!)

Today the clubhouse is a rocket ship and The Ducklings are set to blast off to the moon. I've been assured there is no need to worry because "there is plenty of dinner on board, mom".

Dewey enjoys sliding with a "poop-free" back-side. YES... IT'S TRUE!!! He is finally potty trained! Fully... For Real! I know... awesome right?

Dewey and  Huey go through a pre-flight check in preparation for their blast-off. (where do they get this stuff?)
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