Saturday, January 1, 2011

We Don't Need No Stink'n Calendar!

Today is January 1... I don't need a calendar to tell me that... I just know! Last night was New Year's Eve and today it is 2011.... all bright and shiny and full of possibilities! So in the tradition of new beginnings and starting the year off right, I decided we should get up and get going. "Yes, I realize we were up late last night... but that's no excuse to skip church", I tell the Ducklings. "So everybody go get dressed in your nice clothes".

This is a sample of how the morning went:

"Everybody get into your church clothes!..... No, you may not wear flip flops to church..... Hurry up we are going to be late!.... Dewey, where is your other shoe?... Who knows where Dewey's shoe is?..... Here, eat a pop tart in the car... we're late, we're late!... Oh shoot, I need coffee... that's okay I can heat up this cold stuff from yesterday... Go, go, get in the car, we're late! We're late!"

15 Minutes later.....

Yeah..... those of you with calendars saw that coming a lonnnngggg time ago!

And 15 minutes after that....

Happy New Year from our home to yours! May 2011 bring many moments filled with laughter... even if you have to laugh at yourself now and then!
Copywrite 2018 - Loretta Monroe