Friday, February 13, 2009

Disney World or Bust!

On a beautiful spring(ish) day in the park, I had this awesomely brilliant idea.... It went something like this. "Hmmm... it would be fun to take kiddos to Disney World one day soon".

(Let me just pause for a second to acknowledge the collective groan from my cyber

I can actually hear you thinking, "Really? You thought this was a good idea? Three children... under 5... to Disney World... by yourself? Seriously?"

I know, I know. I had all those rational thoughts too. But then the wild Disney junkie in me just took over my brain. I had no control... I NEEDED a Disney fix... at any cost! (Army Guy totally gets this. I have drug him through a Disney-something park a grand total of 28(ish
) days since we met (including 3 days on a Disney cruise). I'm sure it's been brutal, but he has willingly enabled my Disney habit and he has shelled out a small fortune to the Disney empire!)

Anyway... I had this thought!
At first I just disregarded it as the single most stupid idea I've ever had. But then I actually began to ponder the logistics and do some math.

... three very small kids plus a 9-hour drive in a mini-van equals 5 movies! I CAN DO THAT!" "So then....Magic Kingdom plus double stroller equals one too many kids. Hmmmm". Let me just make a long story short.... I hired the Disney recommended in-room nanny service to watch Louie and then took Huey and Dewey to the Magic Kingdom.

Now, when I had this initial thought, I believe the scene in Heaven went something like this:

God looked down upon my sorry soul and, shaking His head with a chuckle said, "My poor misguided child. I applaud your gusto and I shall reward your adventurous spirit with three beautifully behaved children for a 72-hour period. Go forth on your quest with much enjoyment for I have given you safe passage into the world of Disney". God spoke and it was so! And it was AWESOME!

The boys were fantastic. The nanny service was wonderful (expensive... but wonderful!) Louie enjoyed his time with the nanny by playing on the playground right outside our hotel room at Disney's Caribbean Beach Resort. Huey, Dewey and I had a really fun day at the Magic Kingdom. It could not have gone better.

In the early evening we went back to the room to get Louie, who was just waking up from his nap. Then I took them to a sit-down restaurant.... and God withheld His favor and said "WELL NOW YOU'RE JUST TESTING ME"! Dinner was a complete nightmare... But we survived. Then we ALL went back to the Magic Kingdom for a trip on the Buzz Lightyear
ride and the beautiful fireworks show. I actually had ALL THREE of them in the park with me for about 90 minutes. They were all so good! It was amazing! The angels continued to sing as we watched the fireworks.

The park closed after the fireworks show... and it was seriously crowded so we stopped off at the
ice-cream shop on Main Street to share a sundae while waiting for the mass exodus of the park. After a very yummy hot fudge sundae, we leisurely headed out of the park and took a monorail ride back to our car. This kids were so happy and soooo exhausted! Everyone slept hard that night.

The next day we did some shopping at Downtown Disney, rode the carousel
and little toddler train and then began our long journey home. We got home at 11:00pm and all slept like babies (wait... 3 of us ARE babies)...anyway... We had a really, really fun time and I will definitely do it again! Hopefully next time Daddy will be with us though. We had a great time, but we sure did miss our daddy!

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  1. You are more brave than I. I don't even like to hit the grocery store with Mason alone. I am glad you had a blast. That is so great!


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