Monday, April 20, 2009

A Day in the Life of Huey, Dewey, and Louie

.... a photo essay of the Ducklings doing what they do best. Enjoy!

Nothing better than eating raisins off the floor. Oh... and it's also really cool to shove them into toys and various nooks and crannies that won't be discovered for weeks! Ya... that's awesome! Never know when you're gonna need a little snacky....

Here we have mommy's cheap Wal-Mart planner and some very important papers that have been torn up. Oh... and a squirt gun and video tape were also found at the scene of the crime. Could be the birth of CSI SC? I'm just say'n.

Where's Louie? Seriously.... it took me 10 minutes to find him the first time he did this.

Coffee Anyone?

Chocolate chips never tasted so good!

Duckings were seen attempting to cover up an incident involving an entire box of goldfish and gravity. Gotta give 'em an "A" for effort!
Ya... this is AFTER their very thorough clean-up. The bright side is... I'm certain none of my boys have a future as a janitor!

Finger painting with ranch dressing is SUPER fun!

The artist... covered in Ranch Dressing, Resolve Carpet Cleaner as a mousse, and a little pee pee...

Yes... that case of Sierra Mist is really useful as a step stool. "What mom? You thought putting Premium Saltines on the top shelf would be a deterrent? Have you MET us?"

And while I was cleaning up the crackers....... Pancakes are so much better without the egg... oh, and the milk... um, and the oil... and also the griddle. Pancake dust is what he prefers!

And while pancake baby was being cleaned up.... I'm not certain what happened here... but it looks like the bear suffered a horrible "death-by-goldfish". Bring on the CSI guys... we can crack this case.

Look mom... I'm not making a mess!

Though these pictures were not taken on the same day... they COULD HAVE been. Trust me! Every day is pretty much like this! Except...add in a few poop incidents and a wet naked baby playing slip-n-slide in the entry hall. Ya... that's a typical day in our home.


  1. Oh my gosh, you are definitely out numbered. Sometimes I feel that way between husband, son, and dog. Especially during this warm weather shedding season. There is never a clean moment around here. But nothing compares to your sweet little gems. A couple of people have told us now that our 2nd baby is almost here, "Having 2 is like having 10." What the heck is having 3 like? Oh wait, you just showed me.
    Maybe the phrase "If you can't beat them, join them." was written by a woman of 3 boys.

  2. Well... I am definitely out-numbered. That's why I just follow them around with a camera and use the material in a more creative way then totally losing my mind. (wait... sometimes I lose my mind too... so I guess that doesn't always work). Anyway - I DO NOT have time to work because my days are filled with cleaning up stuff. When is your second baby due to arrive? Is it a boy or girl?

  3. Oh My Goodness....You sweet saint of a lady. My favorite is the one of the little guy asleep in the high chair. Laura

  4. Lori! the boys and i giggled and giggled at every picture! they wanted to make sure they saw every one and i read the captions! you are sooo funny! i love the crime scene with the squirt gun and video tape!!! hilarious!!
    --amy zell


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