Wednesday, April 8, 2009

"I Want Syrup on My Captain Crunch..."

... and other weird combinations the Ducklings request.

So, this is kind of an update to the gross/not gross list. Only... this is all just plain GROSS! Below are actual requests from Huey, Dewey and Louie in the food department.
Bon Appetit!

Carrot Sticks dipped in Ketchup
this from Huey who almost daily informs me "I am not a Ketchup Guy, Mom". So... Huey refuses Ketchup on fries, hot dogs, burgers... you know the normal stuff. But carrot sticks?... wow that's delicious!

Strawberries dipped in ranch dressing
This very posh appetizer comes from Dewey. The other day, when trying to get out of eating his entire lunch (except for the chips) Dewey informed me "I am not a peanut butter guy", "I am not a strawberry jam guy", "I am not a sandwich guy", and the very popular, "I am not a grape guy". (I see the "I am not a _____ guy" reason to get out of eating is all the rage in preschool world.) The best part is... Dewey says this in his limited 2-year-old vocabulary and seriously mispronounces words. So it's really more like this... "I not frape guy, mom", and "I not frandwich guy, mom", and the best one, "I not frawbry dam guy, mom". Now you tell me, how can I make the child sit there and eat when I'm laughing so hard? Of course, he IS a "frawbry guy" if it's dipped in ranch. So, that's good!

Meatballs and Mash a la Maple Syrup
How this came to be is beyond me. My guess is I hadn't quite all-the-way cleaned up breakfast by the time I was serving dinner.... I dunno... good guess. Anyway, the syrup was on the table, signaling to Louie that it must be a condiment we are using for dinner. Mmmm...delish!

And to answer the question still nagging you... "NO"... I did not let them use syrup on the Captain Crunch. :o)


  1. I laughed at the frawbery dam guy - that's classic! I should start using them to make up my frugal terms! LOL

    I can just see the maple meatballs being featured on the food network next week. Someone will read this blog, then write to food network, then they'll tell Paula Dean about it and she'll put it in a cookbook and make a million dollars.

  2. I think your children might be pregnant. ;)

  3. Oh Lori..What can I say except that I am partially happy that I have two girls..HAHAHAHAHAH


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