Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Things That Make You Giggle!

Yesterday was a really busy day. We had lots of errands and we were in the van for a very long time. At some point I verbalized a thought. I didn't realize I had said it out loud until I was well into the following conversation.

ME: "Oh, Mommy has to go pee-pee pretty bad!"
ME: "ooohhh... I gotta go....!"
HUEY: "Hold it really, really tight mommy... you can do it!"
ME: "Ok.. I'm trying my best"
DEWEY: "Don't pee-pee pants mommy!"
ME: "OK!"
HUEY: "We should pull over so you can squirt a tree!!!"
ME: "AHAHAHAHAHAHA... (pee a little)... hahahahah......"

Boys are the BEST! And... I'm a little jealous that I'm the only one in the family unable to squirt a tree!


  1. That is hilarious. What problem solvers they are! My mom tells me that when I was potty training I was always wanting to stand up like my older brother. I thought it was horribly unfair to have to always sit down to pee. So I can relate.

  2. I'm so jealous of how easy boys have it when it comes to going potty! Wait until you're in Wal-Mart during that time of the month, with the boys in a stroller cause it's the only way to keep them contained and one notices that you have "poo poo" in your underwear! How do you explain to a 5-year old that it's not poo poo, meanwhile trying to ignore the giggles coming from every other stall in the bathroom? Too funny Lori! I'm going to have to take notes from you and annotate all the funny things the boys say, and do!!


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