Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Random Thoughts Always Lead to "Poop"

Anyone who knows my kids (and/or reads this blog) understands that the Ducklings are hilarious!!! If they weren't so funny, I would be ready for a straight jacket by now. Just when I'm certain I have totally lost my mind, somebody sticks a "Trix" pebble up their nose, forcing me to focus so I can perform a very tricky "trixotomy" procedure. Delicate surgery is no easy task when you're laughing!

This week Louie used my eye-liner to create fabulous art on the toy room wall. You would think stuff like that would just send me over the edge.... wait.. sometimes it does... but mostly I just have to shake my head and laugh. (and dream about the day when wall art is history and I get to select some creamy, yummy latte-ish color ... sigh) One day! But for now, every wall has a 3-foot high boarder of scribble in crayon, pencil, pen, chalk, dry erase pen, highlighter, eye-liner and lipstick. Oh.. and sticky, chocolate hand prints. Yeah... it's nifty!

Anyway... where was I going with this? Oh yeah... my kids are funny... bla bla bla... lipstick! So, the other day at dinner Dewey made me snort milk with this little prayer.

"Dear Jesus,
pank you dinner and all our bwessings.

And help me go poo poo potty. Amen".

My first thought was "Eeewww... we're having dinner here!" But as I thought about it... while choking on my milk... this prayer completely shut me up. My son is asking JESUS for HELP!!! Aaauuugggghhhhh! I guess I can be patient a little longer! Sigh.

So along those lines... Huey made a very special request of Jesus last night. Apparently he would like Jesus to bring us a big, red dog... like Clifford. Now I'm no expert on dogs, but can you imagine the size of those doggy poops? I've never seen that topic covered on an episode of "Clifford", but I'm guessing it would give me a whole new perspective on my struggles with "poopy boy". Hahaha!

So, what I've learned from these two little prayers is that God has a really great sense of humor. He's gently telling me to be patient a little longer... and thankful my son doesn't have HUGE Clifford sized poops! See.. that's all I needed. Just a little perspective!

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