Saturday, May 1, 2010

How My Summer Diet Began

The other day I over-heard the following conversation between Huey and Dewey.

Dewey: "That's a LOT of chocolate! Do you think we can eat that much chocolate? I just don't know!"

Huey: "Well... if we eat THAT MUCH chocolate we'll be fat like Daddy and Mommy"

DOAH!!! Smacked down by a 5-year old!

In his defense, I have to disclose that "you'll get fat like mommy" is my general excuse for not letting them have (a) another piece of cake, (b) all the candy in their Easter Basket, or (c) any of my secret cookie stash! So...its not like Huey was trying to say "Hey Mom.. YOU HUGE"! He was really repeating to his brother what he knew I would say. It was a smack-down using my own words! DRAT!!! Army Guy and I will be eating salad for the rest of the year! Awesome! And... sadly, my secret cookie stash is gone! I know... the HORROR of it all!

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