Wednesday, July 21, 2010

I'm Call'n It!

"The Ducklings" on Louie's birthday. 2/3 are enjoying a poop-free backside.
1/3 is on the verge of sheer brilliance!

Exactly two years, 5 months, and 28 days ago I began potty training Huey, who had just turned 3. At the time I thought he would NEVER get it, but in retrospect, I think only 30 days was quite genius! Fast forward through the training of the next two boys (which, by the way, was neither pretty nor genius) and here we are... all done! Let me just say... THIS HAS BEEN THE WORST 26 YEARS OF MY LIFE!!! (Okay, 2 1/2.... but it SEEMED much longer! Seriously!!!)

And today I'm calling it: "Mission Accomplished"! And I don't mean "Mission Accomplished" in that "flying-in-on-a-jet-plane-for-a-photo-op" kind of way that really meant "we-have-tons-of-work-to-do-but-isn't-this-flight-suit-cool?” When I say "Mission Accomplished" I mean... "FINISHED, COMPLETE, DONE, OVER, and WE AIN'T GOT NO MORE POOPY PANTS" kind of Mission Accomplished! LOL (Disclaimer: I mean no disrespect to the former president, who I still love... I just needed to clarify what "Mission Accomplished" really means to me!) :o)

So I wanted to take a second to give props to my super genius boys who, I must admit, at times had me wondering if they were somewhat... uh.... ssslllooowww. Three Cheers to the Ducklings who have successfully conquered the proper placement of poop! Brilliant!!!

Now... let's get to work on perfecting our "aim"... shall we?

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