Sunday, June 12, 2011

Ruh-Ro... Access DENIED!

At approximately 8:37 pm, the above sign was posted on Huey's bedroom door. He wrote the message himself (I'm pretty sure) and only asked for help in spelling the days of the week. Those of you who may have misplaced your "kindergarten-to-English" dictionary, miiiggghhhttt have some difficulty in translating the message. Here... let me offer some assistance. I'm fluent in "kindergarten".

first sign
"No coming into my room when it is not on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday, Sunday".

second sign
"only if you do not spill popcorn or coke"

Okay... spelling and awful sentence structure aside...I'm pretty proud of my kindergarten graduate who has been able both construct and WRITE his message without any assistance. What does he MEAN? Well... here's how I would have said it:

"Dewey and Louie, you are permitted to enter my bedroom on Fridays only, IF you can keep from spilling your popcorn and coke all over my flipp'n room. Thanks, Huey"

What I find hilarious is that Louie and Dewey cannot read. But... they got the message loud and clear when I read it to them. Dewey responded with "That's NO FAIR". And Louie had a comment along the lines of "Me not want Huey come in MY room... me make a password for he not come in".

And thus began the great Duckling feud of 2011. Louie had me copy this password down and tape it to the INSIDE of their bedroom door.

Shhhh... don't tell Huey! He will be denied entry unless he can come up with this SUPER SECRET password. Guys... this is SERIOUS! In addition to the password, Dewey has placed a TRAP on the floor outside of their door. Words cannot adequately describe this genius design. Just trust me... it's an unspeakable level of security!

And me? Well.... with the ducklings all focused on their border protection and whatnot... I have noticed a slight decrease in such activities as lipstick art on walls. So I gotta call that a WIN for the mama! Bummer about the feud though. :o)

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