Friday, August 31, 2012

Mama Aint Play'n

So.... remember when The Ducklings got a new toy room?  Those of you who are new to the blog can read about the toy room transformation here and here. Don't miss the part about how I nearly launched myself across the room while trying to remove an anchor from the drywall. And be sure to check out my awesome skills with the drill.  Good stuff! 

Anyway... It was a great toy room.  Over time it morphed from the place where Thomas lived with all of his friends (and tracks and bridges and roundhouses and such...) to the place where the Ducklings went to war over the Wii... daily.  It went from a decor of tiny kid chairs and a pretend kitchen, to grown up leather sofas and a flat screen TV.  (Ducklings are seriously spoiled).  But no matter the decor, there was always one thing that remained constant about the toy room.  It was a pig sty y'all.  (I've been in the south for nearly 5 years... I say "y'all" now.. FYI!)  So, where was I?  Oh yeah... Ducklings are pigs!  Seriously.  I'm not sure how pudding cups find their way under the sofa when CLEARLY food is not allowed in the toy room....  But that's neither here nor there!  What's really important is that MAMA AIN'T PLAY'N! 

Introducing.... My New Office! 

Notice the big-a$$ computer monitor?  Yeah I took their TV too. (bwa ha ha)   There comes a point when Mama has stepped on her last Lego... or gooey puddle of yogurt... or yogurt-covered Lego.... and something just SNAPS!  Mama decides either the toy room has to go or the children have to go but we simply cannot have both.  I am proud to report we still have all three children...  pretty sure it was the right decision too.

My new office totally ROCKS!  And, even though I am allowed to eat in the office whenever I want to...  Not once have I EVER found a pudding cup under the sofa.  True story! 

Now I get to work on grown-up decor! Yay!  Fun!!!  Any suggestions?

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