Monday, November 17, 2008

Do You Think These Children Make My Butt Look Big?

... to which my husband would very cleverly reply, "No honey, your butt makes your butt look big". :o)

Okay, everyone calm down. Before you speed dial Army Guy to read him the riot act, keep these two things in mind. 1) He's not wrong... and 2) He didn't really say that... but he would if he were here. And that's the stuff I'm missing with him gone. The daily silly stuff.

Army Guy left for Kansas in mid October where he is currently in training prior to his deployment to Iraq. I've decided to start a blog mainly to keep him current with the latest happenings in this crazy house while he's away. But also to keep our family and friends across this nation up to date. For the next 15 months it's going to be me and these silly, adorable little men. Working like crazy not to become.... well.... crazy! So far so good! But we sure do miss Daddy like CRAZY!


  1. Ok Lori, I was looking at the picture and I have decided that
    the answer is NO , They do not make your butt look big. The actual truth is that your butt make their butts look little,
    HA HA

  2. Nice to see ya! Good one dad.

    (the ND one)

  3. OK, I have to agree with all posts. hahaha Being second mom is precarious in these situations after all, I have to leave that up to everyone else (don't I?) I am just happy to see everyone here!!
    Huggles to all! Good job Lori!!!!!!!

  4. I love it! Great Picture - like you are all walking into your future together! Your page is so much cooler than mine - jealous!!! Love you. Tiff

  5. I love your photo! The first thing I thought of was how magical it looked and how peaceful. Size of butts doesn't matter, it is just bliss!

    I am glad to see you even if it is on the blog and not in person. It makes me feel inspired to update mine, it has been a while. Here's wishing you a safe and speedy 15 months.



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