Sunday, November 23, 2008

If They Just Loved Lime....

The boys love orange. They are obsessed with orange. They fight over who gets the orange plate, the orange bowl, the orange crayon, the orange shirt, the orange train..... (oddly it is somehow understood that all orange cups belong to Huey.) They love to wear orange, color with orange, paint with orange.... orange, orange orange. Huey told me yesterday we should paint the "train room" orange. (I don't know what is worse, the fact that my nearly-4-year-old wants orange walls in the train room, or that we have an entire room in our home dedicated to trains.) 

Anyway.... back to orange.  They only eat orange food.... mostly. Here is a list of their favorites: cantaloupe, cheese (definitely NOT the white kind,) macaroni and cheese, Cheese-itz, Goldfish, orange juice, carrots and of course... the king of all orange foods... the orange substance that rocks their world and makes them all squishy inside... Orange Jello!!!

Now I have nothing against the color orange (well... I certainly would not wear an orange sweatshirt since it would make me look like a big 'ol pumpkin). But as colors go... it's okay. It definitely ranks much higher than say... taupe. But I DO have a major problem with orange Jello. Because that sticky little treat is stealth. It can hang out on a hardwood floor and go unnoticed all day (that is IF you are not walking around barefoot!)

So, yesterday the boys and I made orange Jello. It was a major big deal because Huey got to STIR! Yes, that's right, the sky opened up and the angels sang and Huey beamed with pride at his stirring ability. He is quite talented! So we made the Jello and I told them they could have it for snack if they ate a good lunch. Well... they ate a good lunch (mostly orange foods... but whatever).

They were so happy to have orange Jello they were almost beside themselves. So they ate their Jello... and it was good. It was good all over their faces and hands and shirts and chairs. It was good in their hair. It was really, really good! Now before I continue, let me just mention that I usually wear my Crocs in the house to avoid another stair-surfing incident (just a side note). So I cleaned up the Jello and went on with my day. We played, we ate dinner, I cleaned the kitchen again. Finally at about 11:00pm, as I was heading to bed (without my Crocs this time because...well... who sleeps in crocs? duh!) I stepped in something cold, and gooey, and sticky. I looked down and ... what the heck?... there was nothing there! WHAT ON EARTH? It was not until I was down on my hands and knees with a wet cloth seriously searching for the source of the nastiness currently oozing between my toes, that I discovered orange Jello all over the floor. And I mean ALL OVER the floor. Seriously! It was there for about 8 hours and I never knew it. Gross... I know!

So it is my new mission as a mother to convince my children that Lime is the very best flavor of Jello. "Lime is all the rage with toddlers nation-wide". "The cool kids like lime". "Lime is the new orange!" (I know... nobody likes lime Jello.... and I am evil... and wicked in every way... Bwaaa Haa Haa!) But can you imagine how much better my life would be if they just loved lime?

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  1. Floors are destined to be disgusting...that is what I have decided. I can't ever keep up with mine. We have ridiculous 12 inch white tiles in our kitchen through the pantry and out the back hallway to the back door where our dog door is. This time of year is especially great because the fall in Sacramento is chilly and warm, which confuses my black dog who sheds his coat that is beginning to thicken. Black hair, white tile. Even after you vaccuum (how the heck do you spell that word? I've tried it three ways I give up.) there is instantly more hair. And to add to that, a nice trail of muddy paw prints to greet you every morning as he makes is morning cruise through the dewy grass. Sometimes I wish it would all blend in so it could be ignored. I know I know, that is gross too.

    I say embrace the disgusting! That's living with boys.


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